A-Pinto Draft horses of 7/8 and above of draft breeding.
B-Pinto, 1/2 draft/Sport horse of 1/2 draft up to 7/8 draft.
C-Breeding Stock for horses of the above divisions that are solid colored.  

FEES (Horse Registration Fees)

Annual - $25.00 Member $50.00 Non-Member
Any member registering 5 to 9 horses at one time is eligible for a reduced fee of $20.00 per horse. Non-Member fee is $40.00.
10 or more horses registered at one time the member fee is $15.00. Non-member fee is $20.00.
Membership is Adult single, couple & family $40 first year and renewals $30. Youth $30 first year renewal $20. Ranch Farm Business Inc. $50 renewal $40. Life $250 Business Life $300

1. If horse is registered with another registry a copy of both sides of the papers must accompany this application. The horse's papers will carry the registry name and number on the Pinto Draft Registry, Inc. papers.
2. Please give a first and second name choice of no more than 26 letters and spaces.
3. No name shall have numbers or non-alphabetic letters.

PDR #02-00001
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Division A. Pinto Draft 7/8 and over with pinto markings---must mature to 15 hands and over. With 1 generation of pedigree the papers will read: A-PINTO DRAFT. If pedigree is unknown papers will read A-PINTO DRAFT GRADE.
Division B. Pinto 1/2 Draft/Sport horse: 1/2 up to 7/8 with Pinto markings---must be 15 hands or over when mature.
Division C. Breeding Stock is for solid colored horses of the above divisions. Can be Full Pinto Draft and 1/2 Pinto Draft/Sport horse. The papers will be marked as above.
Geldings will be accepted under the above divisions A & B. No solid colored geldings will be registered.

Recognized Draft breeds: Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire, Suffolk Punch and American Cream or combination of Recognized Light horse breeds: TB, AQHA, Pinto, Paint Morgan, Arabian, Sport Horses and Gypsy Drum. No Appaloosa, Pony, Walking Horse, Racking Horse, American Saddlebred, Standardbred or Donkey bloodlines are allowed.

"Help us raise funds by shopping at You can choose from thousands of great horse supply items at the best prices and by entering the COUNTRY-CARE Code '(pintodraft)' during checkout. When you do, Country Supply will donate 5% of your product's purchase price (excluding dewormers and shipping) to '(2002pinto)'."
"Help us raise funds by shopping at You can choose from thousands of great horse supply items at the best prices and by entering the COUNTRY-CARE Code '(pintodraft)' during checkout. When you do, Country Supply will donate 5% of your product's purchase price (excluding dewormers and shipping) to '(2002pinto)'."

Add a 3% additional fee when using Paypal to pay your fees!


Four photographs must accompany each registration. The 2 side photos will go on the papers. All four legs and hoofs must be shown in the photos.

  • Front showing the face markings.
  • Rear
  • Right side ~ this photo will go on the papers.
  • Left side ~ this photo will go on the papers.
  • Photos must be of good quality and not out of focus. No Polaroid's will be accepted. Please mark your envelope "PHOTOS". Digital photos must be at 300 or higher dpi. Please put your mailing label and the name of the horse on the back of the photos.
"NOTE": In order to register your horse online, photo's can be emailed to the address above, however, hard copies must be mailed to the address above in order to finalize the registration process. The white markings on the horse must be easily visible. Horses must have white on their body not including legs, face & belly.



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Highlight your Pinto Draft Horse here....

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The recognized color patterns are 3 Pinto patterns:

1. Tobiano: (toe-bee-ah'-no) A Tobiano Pinto appears to be white with large spots of color, often overlapping on the horse with a greater percentage of color than white. Spots of color typically originate from the head, chest, flank,and buttock, often including the tail. Legs are generally, giving the appearance of a white horse with large flowing spots of color.
2. Overo: An Overo Paint appears to be a colored horse with white markings. These spots of white appear to be jagged, and originate on the horses side or belly spreading toward the neck, tail, legs, and back. Color appears to frame the white spots, thus an Overo. Overo often has a dark tail, mane, legs and back line. Bald or white faces often accompany the Overo pattern. Some Overos show white legs along with splashy white markings, seemingly made up of many round lacy spots. The location of the white is generally the same on these horses as Tobiano, although white legs appear to be more common. White almost never crosses the back.
3. Tovero: A horse that shows the characteristics of both the Tobiano and Overo.

If registering a foal, weanling, or yearling, a breeder's certificate must accompany the application. If the horse to be registered is from a registered PDR Inc.™ stallion, the stallion must have a stallion breeding report on file, and must have his DNA report on file. Any horse that has applied for registration whose photos are questionable to percentage of draft breeding will go to the Pedigree committee to be verified for registration. If the photos don't prove the required percentage of draft, the horse will have to be inspected by a PDR Inc.™ inspector before papers will be issued.

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